Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trip to Bali

Bali, one of the world destination. Every years there are million of traveler comes to Bali. This is the second times we came to this beautiful island. When first time came to Bali, we feel so unique with the culture in here. Balinese people is very nice and they are so religious. In side of the road from airport, we can see a small temple that they call little "Pura" temple. Everyday they will blessing with a kind of flowers and cookies that they call "Canang". This is so unique, we never seen this before.

When we arrived at our Villa, we feel so quite. The villa is a far away from main road and only 10 minutes walk away to the beach. We can see that is many of surfers in this beach. What a beautiful view!
From our Villa, we can go to a famous Seminyak shopping center. Many of the shop in this beautiful village. From Bali handicraft into Bali painting. If we looking for a present to our family, then Seminyak is the place.

Also in here, there is many of restaurant can we choice. From Italian Restaurant, Japan restaurant to Indian Restaurant. This will be a culinary trip for us when we hungry. Heheh.
The price in this area is reasonable. Not to high for the taste. Bali food is so delicious. We try a local menu call Chicken Betutu. Little spicy but the taste so yummy. When you come to Bali, this is the food you need to try. Recommended!!! :)

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